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#1 Posted : Monday, September 1, 2014 12:00:00 AM(UTC)

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I couldn't believe that there wasn't any discussion in the forums on this tour through the canyons, so I will happily be the first to tell you it is AWESOME!!
We went mid-August because it was the only time we could go, with more than a little trepidation for the heat of the southwest at that time.  It was indeed hot, but, as our tour director, Bill, told us, it is a dry heat, so it became more bearable than the thermometer would indicate.
The tour was indeed incredible!  This was our first time in the area, despite the fact that we have traveled to all the other continents.  It is a 'cannot miss' experience.  To top it off, we had the best tour director imaginable, Bill Plenefisch, and a fantastic bus driver, Laurie, who was local to the area. As a team, they were incredible!  And to top it off, we had only 13 people on our tour, so you can imagine the comfort to ride, stop, tour, share in such a small group.  We loved it! The coach itself was one of the best we have toured on. 
As the tour name suggests, we went to the various canyons and national parks, had stops that were jaw-dropping sights, one always better than the last... or at least different, so that it was difficult to choose a favourite. There was a lot of free time to walk and explore, so mobility is important for the best experience. Included meals were fantastic.  Hotels were in great locations, had the right number of amenities, were fast in the check-in, check-out process.... no complaints! We chose both optional tours with no regrets.  Great experiences! Reasonable prices!  Well coordinated!
I see that there are changes to this tour for next year.  As Williams on Route 66 was one of my most memorable stops, it will be sad to see that part eliminated.  I also see that Las Vegas has a 2 night stay, a better option, especially with late night departure flights. Hopefully the airport transfer bus arrangements from the Tropicana have been ironed out by then. A trip to Boulder City and the Hoover Dam would be time well spent during an extra day.
Pictures do not do this tour justice.  You need to see it with your own eyes to believe it!670597c0-bdd9-46b3-ac12-26f2c8091489.JPG47afbb1b-fcc1-45ad-afb7-12aad125a192.JPG30eef727-8c9b-4139-be3d-c27a6e9721cc.JPGe26bad15-7e80-47ce-ba2c-67932abc55af.JPG9f4f0b19-4ab1-46dd-bdca-4d2a366dac26.JPG9630378b-02b7-49ba-a8db-55ad7220661d.JPG335ad7c9-cf6c-4478-96f1-4aa3800742e8.JPG287b0a14-9763-4a9d-a16f-a5cbf98663dd.JPG3b5f2f59-9fa7-4f4f-9a32-fc5991f211a7.JPG6465ae2f-79c0-4e13-b143-c548ee10531d.JPGf1da1978-1e57-4923-8efe-137abcbb2cf9.JPG771a6c51-ce73-493f-a2e9-57f241fefc5e.JPGb17dcc67-4da4-46ed-b99f-c33e3075d107.JPG75a1e9d3-0902-451a-aec0-14c3739d9b13.JPG07e84cda-faec-498d-81c8-305d5b2b50f7.JPGd5a79d61-6853-43fa-99b7-8c04610b9d2d.JPGea163379-5adf-4c9c-8943-6a99d27a7b77.JPG6360d465-126e-4dd5-a250-75cb8cc65b94.JPG6b769d11-586a-4e3f-b5d3-9dfa4f79d302.JPG31a6657b-8a3e-4cdb-88a9-1d62246b6d31.JPG670597c0-bdd9-46b3-ac12-26f2c8091489.JPG47afbb1b-fcc1-45ad-afb7-12aad125a192.JPG30eef727-8c9b-4139-be3d-c27a6e9721cc.JPGe26bad15-7e80-47ce-ba2c-67932abc55af.JPG9f4f0b19-4ab1-46dd-bdca-4d2a366dac26.JPG9630378b-02b7-49ba-a8db-55ad7220661d.JPG335ad7c9-cf6c-4478-96f1-4aa3800742e8.JPG287b0a14-9763-4a9d-a16f-a5cbf98663dd.JPG3b5f2f59-9fa7-4f4f-9a32-fc5991f211a7.JPG6465ae2f-79c0-4e13-b143-c548ee10531d.JPGf1da1978-1e57-4923-8efe-137abcbb2cf9.JPG771a6c51-ce73-493f-a2e9-57f241fefc5e.JPGb17dcc67-4da4-46ed-b99f-c33e3075d107.JPG75a1e9d3-0902-451a-aec0-14c3739d9b13.JPG07e84cda-faec-498d-81c8-305d5b2b50f7.JPGd5a79d61-6853-43fa-99b7-8c04610b9d2d.JPGea163379-5adf-4c9c-8943-6a99d27a7b77.JPG6360d465-126e-4dd5-a250-75cb8cc65b94.JPG6b769d11-586a-4e3f-b5d3-9dfa4f79d302.JPG31a6657b-8a3e-4cdb-88a9-1d62246b6d31.JPG670597c0-bdd9-46b3-ac12-26f2c8091489.JPG47afbb1b-fcc1-45ad-afb7-12aad125a192.JPG30eef727-8c9b-4139-be3d-c27a6e9721cc.JPGe26bad15-7e80-47ce-ba2c-67932abc55af.JPG9f4f0b19-4ab1-46dd-bdca-4d2a366dac26.JPG9630378b-02b7-49ba-a8db-55ad7220661d.JPG335ad7c9-cf6c-4478-96f1-4aa3800742e8.JPG287b0a14-9763-4a9d-a16f-a5cbf98663dd.JPG3b5f2f59-9fa7-4f4f-9a32-fc5991f211a7.JPG6465ae2f-79c0-4e13-b143-c548ee10531d.JPGf1da1978-1e57-4923-8efe-137abcbb2cf9.JPG771a6c51-ce73-493f-a2e9-57f241fefc5e.JPGb17dcc67-4da4-46ed-b99f-c33e3075d107.JPG75a1e9d3-0902-451a-aec0-14c3739d9b13.JPG07e84cda-faec-498d-81c8-305d5b2b50f7.JPGd5a79d61-6853-43fa-99b7-8c04610b9d2d.JPGea163379-5adf-4c9c-8943-6a99d27a7b77.JPG6360d465-126e-4dd5-a250-75cb8cc65b94.JPG6b769d11-586a-4e3f-b5d3-9dfa4f79d302.JPG31a6657b-8a3e-4cdb-88a9-1d62246b6d31.JPG
#2 Posted : Thursday, September 4, 2014 12:00:00 AM(UTC)

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Thank you so much for your great review!  It sounds like an awesome trip & I loved your pictures!  Hope to do that tour someday myself.
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#3 Posted : Sunday, September 7, 2014 12:00:00 AM(UTC)

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Ive done those trips so much on my own I could lead them!
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#4 Posted : Monday, September 8, 2014 12:00:00 AM(UTC)
Donna Marie

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awesome photos.  Thanks for posting.  I have never been to anyone of the National Parks and hope to get there one day.
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