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gotta travel  
#21 Posted : Friday, August 14, 2015 12:00:00 AM(UTC)
gotta travel

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Interesting.  I presume the traveling friends haven't or didn't sign and accept the confidentiality agreement as they would now be in breach and subject to some type of action by Gate 1.  Also sounds like they may have had some type of legal representation in contacting Gate 1 or strongly hinted of it.  All round bad customer service from Gate 1 (whom we've had nothing but good experiences with) though in the arena of river cruising, they are a very little fish competing in a very big lucrative market.  Lot of posts on CruiseCritics (News tab) of modifications having to be made this year with some outfits giving refunds, some credits, some alternate tours and others piecing together tours as best they can using the multiple ships.

Do hope you get some additional satisfaction.
#22 Posted : Sunday, August 16, 2015 12:00:00 AM(UTC)

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Gate 1 representative, we know you are reading this.  How about a comment?
#23 Posted : Wednesday, September 9, 2015 12:00:00 AM(UTC)

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Their silence speaks volumes. Now having said all that some of our friends who were on the cruise with us have recently booked a Gate1 trip to Spain and Portugal.  In addition to the $200 "goodwill gesture" they were given the optional tours for free which represents about $500.  At least that's something.
#24 Posted : Thursday, September 10, 2015 12:00:00 AM(UTC)

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Go on FB site, post away
Sharon ~ Florida, USA

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#25 Posted : Thursday, September 10, 2015 12:00:00 AM(UTC)

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I've already done that.
#26 Posted : Tuesday, September 29, 2015 12:00:00 AM(UTC)

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I too have had a nightmare Danube River cruise with Gate 1 which ended on Sept. 13, 2015.  I am not really complaining too much about our tour being disrupted by low water in the Danube, I just figured you cannot beat Mother Nature.  With that said, I agree that Gate 1 should offer some sort of compensation for all the nightmarish bus rides we had to encounter.
  I have two issues about our trip.  First, when we exited our tour bus in Krakow, we were informed that we were to have an included dinner inside our hotel ( Raddison Blu -Krakow ).  Wonderful, except our guide mentioned that we were offered a chicken dinner or vegetarian dinner for vegans.  I, nor my wife eat chicken and we are neither vegans.
  I immediately went next door to our hotel and ultimately had dinner in Biala Roza restaurant, at my expense.
 It was a delicious, not too expensive dinner.  I am miffed that there was no consideration for meat eaters.
  Finally, on the day before we were to pack up and leave the ship, we were bused 3.5 hours to Nuremberg, then had  a 3.5 hour guided/walking tour with included lunch and some free time.  Then back on the nightmare 3 hour ride back to the ship.  After all this, I was exhausted and all I wanted was to change my shoes, grab a half glass of wine and go to the dining room.  I needed a quick bite to eat and needed to go back to our room to pack up for our departure in the morning .  We were headed to the airport  ( another 2 hour ride )to come back stateside.
  When I attempted to enter the dining room, the maitre'd tells me I am not allowed in without long pants and a collared shirt.  I looked at him and my wife told him that I did not bring dress clothes to dine in as we were on vacation.  I further told him that I do not dress for dinner anywhere, and proceeded back to my cabin to retrieve my wallet and into  town we went for a restaurant.  We attempted to eat in 3 different restaurants , and they would not accept my credit card, and I only had 10 Euros.  Fortunately on our last attempt, the manager was kind enough to open the bank lobby next to her restaurant, enabling me to access the ATM, withdraw Euros and have dinner at her restaurant.  I must emphasize that our dinner at the restaurant was far superior to anything we ate in the entire week onboard Sound of Music.  Our breakfast onboard was so bad that the first 2 days I ate cold cut sandwiches.  The next 2 days I skipped breakfast and only the last 2 days I found out that I could order an omellette, which I did.  My last morning, I was so furious about last evenings treatment, I again skipped breakfast and waited until I arrived at the airport to have a good breakfast, again at my expense.  During the dinners, I brought hot sauce to my table, and had other people at my table using it.  I concluded that the food was akin to being in the hospital, very bland.  One of our eating companions was raised in England, and told us that she was used to bland food, and it tasted like England.
  I am very upset about the way I was treated, seeing as how this was not a free vacation, it cost me quite a bit of money, as you are all aware of.
  I contacted Gate1,  3 days after my arrival home, and all I asked for was reimbursement from our last evenings dinner in Vilshofen and received a reply 2 days later that my complaint was noted and they would be in contact when they had an answer for me.  Well, that was a week ago and still no answer.
  This was our 3rd Gate 1 trip and most likely our last.   I know that Viking cruises cost more, but maybe it's the old adage, "you get what you pay for".
#27 Posted : Thursday, October 1, 2015 12:00:00 AM(UTC)

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Be sure to post your review to
Trip Advisor and Cruise Critic!
Shirley in San Diego
susan likowski  
#28 Posted : Thursday, October 1, 2015 12:00:00 AM(UTC)
susan likowski

Posts: 4

Excellent start began 17 day poland danube prague tour on Sept 29
Hotel victoria soffit in warsaw was perfect location good beds great breakfast expensive bar
Mike our host Is warm and Inviting  easy to talk to and answers  questions 
Bus is very comfortable and audio  devices work great
Tour of warsaw could have had a  warmer local guide lunch suggestions
, no places to see on our own, could have suggested (Barbicon wall) were less than a block away but most  on tour did not see or know about it
Drive though town could have slowed down for photo opportunites, palace Culture and science, Ronald Raegen, US embassy ect
Local dinner could have helped some bot we found good peroggies and pork knuckles
Tour to wilano place was beatiful we had perfect weather.  
Some suggesting for local dining spots would have been nice but we found wonderful perogies and pork knuckles
Trip to krakow going fine stopped a highway reststop in gorsky then arrive at Czestochowa to see  black Virgin Mary.   Weather great.  Monestary very moving.
Now off to krakow
Just heared our boat can not reach budapest and we have to staY in a different hotel on Sunday night and take  us mo day morning to Bratislava 
WHaT a bummer wanted to sail at night out of Budapest 
Maybe our guide can find us an evening cruise to see the lights
salt mine tour great
dinner at hotel had good chicken and wonderful rossitto
snow off to bed for day 4
sorry typing on phone not very good at it
anyone with information about water level and gate 1 response
#29 Posted : Thursday, October 1, 2015 12:00:00 AM(UTC)

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I have already posted on TripAdvisor.  I was delighted to do so, because the response that I received today was exactly what I expected.
  They have informed me that because I didn't notify them in advance that we do not eat chicken, that becomes my problem.  I didn't realize eating/ not eating chicken was a dietary issue.  Perhaps if I were allergic to it, I definitely would have notified them about it.  I/we just do not like chicken.

  Also , according to their documents, it indicates that shorts are not permitted in the dining room at any time.  Someone on board should  have informed over half the men on my cruise for the first 6 mornings, afternoons and dinners.  It appears that the last evening pants and collared shirt is required.  The first 6 and a half days don't count.

  So their answer is to allow a paying guest to wander a town with limited language skills in a foreign country, rather than offer an alternative for dining.  I was fortunate enough to be able to obtain Euros from the ATM

  They closed their response with, " We look forward to having you travel with us again in the near future. Please visit us at to review all of the destinations and packages we offer."

  That is equivalent to  a snowball's chance in hell.
gotta travel  
#30 Posted : Thursday, October 1, 2015 12:00:00 AM(UTC)
gotta travel

Posts: 128

Truly am sorry you didn't enjoy the vacation as much as you would have liked or envisioned though I'm not sure why Gate 1 is the cause of the distress encountered. You appear to be an experienced traveler with a few Gate 1 trips under the belt so am sure you realize the importance of research and reading the fine print (know I was surprised once with what I thought was a Gate 1 trip to find it was a Kompas tour but other than that small surprise, the level of service was acceptable).  Checking distances via Google Maps or map quest may have helped put into perspective the length of the bus ride for the excursion.

As I don't eat a lot of foods, I don't expect that Gate 1 will cater to my specific needs so as you did, I make due.  As for the credit card, am surprised that it wasn't accepted unless it was one of the old magnetic strip only cards prevalent in the US and not a newer one with the chip.  We encountered similar troubles in Scandinavia where places were reluctant in accepting cards without a chip.  Now that the card companies have a mandate to issue chip cards, hope that will put an end to the troubles.

I have heard grew reviews on Viking.  My concern with Gate 1's river cruises remain they have a limited number of ships (2) so if something does go wrong there's very little they can do to move other equipment into place.  While not the idyllic cruising experience you see in the videos, hope that the experience of visiting that area was worth it.
#31 Posted : Saturday, October 3, 2015 12:00:00 AM(UTC)

Posts: 28

Frank, not sure why you are so upset about the dress code on boat.  You state travel docs advised long pants required yet you left home without any.  Am also not sure why you could not find something to eat...a quiet word with the maitre'd would likely have solved that problem. 
Group touring requires managing expectations as well as enjoying/enduring your fellow tour mates.  Try not to be the latter.  Or travel independently, it is easy, which is what we usually do unless trip is to a part of the world where having details taken care of is important.
Did you take this trip?  Was the ship the Mekong Navigator?  Did you enjoy cruise portion?  Would appreciate any other insights you can share.
#32 Posted : Saturday, December 12, 2015 2:11:04 PM(UTC)

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Since I started this conversation and said that previous trip were great let me continue:
We just booked a Gate1 trip (15 day Classic Spain and Portugal) in April 2016. We also booked 10 day Ireland tour as well. After booking the booking was complete Jennifer (Customer Service Supervisor) gave each of us a $200 discount PLUS she "comped" all of the optional tours which is a $500 value.
I am once again a Gate1 fan. I always try to write honest reviews which I did regarding the river cruise but in fairness I simply wanted to share what I think is as good a conclusion to this story as possible.
I hope to see you along the road. Merry Christmas to you all.
#33 Posted : Saturday, December 12, 2015 3:38:05 PM(UTC)

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Good for G1 for stepping up, and good for you in fairness for reporting the good news!
Randy and Deanie
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15 Day Classic India with Ranthambore 11/15
11 Day Classic Baltics 6/15
11 Day Kaleidoscope of Guatemala and Honduras 1/15
13 Day Kaleidoscope of Ireland 9/14
14 Day Israel and Jordan - 5/14
15 Day Kaleidoscope of Thailand with River Kwai 11/13
16 Day China with Tibet and 3 Day Yangtze River Cruise  5/13
8 Day Classic Ecuador and Amazon Adventure 10/12
13 Day Turkish Treasures 5/12
10 Day Affordable  Peru  10/11
16 Day Affordable Bangkok, Cambodia and Vietnam 10/10
15 Day India's Majesty with Nepal  10/08
10 Day Greece with cruise 3/04
#34 Posted : Sunday, December 13, 2015 5:39:33 PM(UTC)

Posts: 2

Originally Posted by: pkight Go to Quoted Post
Since I started this conversation and said that previous trip were great let me continue:
We just booked a Gate1 trip (15 day Classic Spain and Portugal) in April 2016. We also booked 10 day Ireland tour as well. After booking the booking was complete Jennifer (Customer Service Supervisor) gave each of us a $200 discount PLUS she "comped" all of the optional tours which is a $500 value.
I am once again a Gate1 fan. I always try to write honest reviews which I did regarding the river cruise but in fairness I simply wanted to share what I think is as good a conclusion to this story as possible.
I hope to see you along the road. Merry Christmas to you all.

PK, appreciate the end of the story. looks like you've got some great trips lined up and look forward to your trip reports. Happy travels.
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