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#1 Posted : Sunday, March 15, 2015 12:00:00 AM(UTC)

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Random photos around Quito from recent 12-day Ecuador & Galapagos trip.
#1: View of the city from observation point at about 13,000 ft altitude. Reached via Teleferico Skyrail (cable tram ride).
#2: Basilica del Voto Nacional (Basilica of the National Vow).
#3: Basilica gargoyles depicting Galapagos tortoises. (The Basilica gargoyles are in the form of native Ecuadorian animals).
#4: Close-up of one of the many beautiful stained-glass windows inside the Basilica.
#5 & 6: Grande Plaza (Independence Square) in the Centro Historico section ("Old Town") of Quito.
#7: Part of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Quito.
#8:  A doorway of La Iglesia de El Sagrario ("Church of the Sanctuary") in Old Town, with interesting detail.
#9: Accordion player on streets of Old Town.
#10: City view from Hilton Colon hotel room.
#11: Miscellaneous street view in Old Town.
#12: The 150-foot statue of the "Virgin of Quito" that sits atop a hill overlooking the city.
#13: "La Lucha Eterna" ("The Eternal Struggle") sculpture by Peynot. It is in Parque El Ejido, across from the Hilton Colon. The stone arch monument in the background is La Puerta de La Circasiana.
#14: Iglesia de San Francisco within Plaza de San Francisco.
#15: A couple of modern buildings in another part of the city.
#16: One of the flowering plants in the Jardin Botanico de Quito (Botanical Garden).
#17: Façade of Iglesia de La Compania de Jesus ("Church of the Society of Jesus").
#18: Two local beers that I sampled were Pilsener and Club, which are apparently the most ubiquitous and most popular among locals. Club is an average brew (to me) but very refreshing on a hot day. I didn’t have an opportunity to try any local craft beers.
#19: Ice cream (helado) being sold in a pastry shop in Old Town. Naranjilla is a local fruit with a sour-sweet citrus flavor. Mora is blackberry. Taxo is banana passionfruit. They also had chocolate, coco (coconut), frutilla (strawberry), and ron pasas (rum raisin).2ce33beb-8a02-4e1b-810e-e530cb2518c6.jpg5ff96da6-2003-4bbc-ac71-2ff2aa5794cb.jpg39da5317-3dda-4241-923c-01152f287f73.jpg5c08d873-83eb-4dc9-989a-f38e7978fa21.jpg57f4faef-53fe-4300-a1bf-33ac85373c11.jpgc88d6cdd-1bdc-42d5-9886-5d7a01e8fbd5.jpgf3347a18-7487-467e-84d9-b406d9cbb7ca.jpgdc737cbe-7185-4f77-af71-c3fd29192a22.jpg175fd3f1-06ec-44ab-a54a-1562f4438f61.jpg297afb78-2c99-4dd8-aeab-b534b1fa48ac.jpgb135c719-4db2-44f5-8067-ce163321b21d.jpgd55cc613-4f7f-43d5-8534-a4794386c2f3.jpg7d13e050-b793-4fcb-a2f2-ff4dc572da1f.jpgd28a4b40-67a6-42ae-a0d1-c232e0da7daa.jpg6231938f-a18b-4a4e-ae91-1fa698ac6f44.jpg4a81485b-abcf-448f-b6b9-2e5aa0dbc5dd.jpgb2f8dc5d-fe39-41be-8987-88e835762d9e.jpgb7b6b9b5-c521-4f4b-831e-68160d1971d1.jpg07cca854-d5b3-4189-a7a3-dbf6b24057f0.jpg2ce33beb-8a02-4e1b-810e-e530cb2518c6.jpg5ff96da6-2003-4bbc-ac71-2ff2aa5794cb.jpg39da5317-3dda-4241-923c-01152f287f73.jpg5c08d873-83eb-4dc9-989a-f38e7978fa21.jpg57f4faef-53fe-4300-a1bf-33ac85373c11.jpgc88d6cdd-1bdc-42d5-9886-5d7a01e8fbd5.jpgf3347a18-7487-467e-84d9-b406d9cbb7ca.jpgdc737cbe-7185-4f77-af71-c3fd29192a22.jpg175fd3f1-06ec-44ab-a54a-1562f4438f61.jpg297afb78-2c99-4dd8-aeab-b534b1fa48ac.jpgb135c719-4db2-44f5-8067-ce163321b21d.jpgd55cc613-4f7f-43d5-8534-a4794386c2f3.jpg7d13e050-b793-4fcb-a2f2-ff4dc572da1f.jpgd28a4b40-67a6-42ae-a0d1-c232e0da7daa.jpg6231938f-a18b-4a4e-ae91-1fa698ac6f44.jpg4a81485b-abcf-448f-b6b9-2e5aa0dbc5dd.jpgb2f8dc5d-fe39-41be-8987-88e835762d9e.jpgb7b6b9b5-c521-4f4b-831e-68160d1971d1.jpg07cca854-d5b3-4189-a7a3-dbf6b24057f0.jpg2ce33beb-8a02-4e1b-810e-e530cb2518c6.jpg5ff96da6-2003-4bbc-ac71-2ff2aa5794cb.jpg39da5317-3dda-4241-923c-01152f287f73.jpg5c08d873-83eb-4dc9-989a-f38e7978fa21.jpg57f4faef-53fe-4300-a1bf-33ac85373c11.jpgc88d6cdd-1bdc-42d5-9886-5d7a01e8fbd5.jpgf3347a18-7487-467e-84d9-b406d9cbb7ca.jpgdc737cbe-7185-4f77-af71-c3fd29192a22.jpg175fd3f1-06ec-44ab-a54a-1562f4438f61.jpg297afb78-2c99-4dd8-aeab-b534b1fa48ac.jpgb135c719-4db2-44f5-8067-ce163321b21d.jpgd55cc613-4f7f-43d5-8534-a4794386c2f3.jpg7d13e050-b793-4fcb-a2f2-ff4dc572da1f.jpgd28a4b40-67a6-42ae-a0d1-c232e0da7daa.jpg6231938f-a18b-4a4e-ae91-1fa698ac6f44.jpg4a81485b-abcf-448f-b6b9-2e5aa0dbc5dd.jpgb2f8dc5d-fe39-41be-8987-88e835762d9e.jpgb7b6b9b5-c521-4f4b-831e-68160d1971d1.jpg07cca854-d5b3-4189-a7a3-dbf6b24057f0.jpg
Mary F  
#2 Posted : Sunday, March 15, 2015 12:00:00 AM(UTC)
Mary F

Posts: 40

Thanks,Prozac, for the excellent photos! We are going to Ecuador and Peru in August and staying at the Hilton Colon for a few nights, including a day before the tour begins. It appears to be very near a park with a museum that looks interesting. Any tips about what to see within walking distance, and your impression of the hotel? The views are intriguing. 
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#3 Posted : Monday, March 16, 2015 12:00:00 AM(UTC)

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Hi Mary,

The Hilton is on the corner of Avenida Amazonas and Avenida Patria. The large park across from the Hilton (on the other side of Avenida Patria) is Parque El Ejido. The National Museum is not within that park but is about 5 blocks east on Avenida Patria. I didn't have time to visit the museum, but a few others from our tour group said that they enjoyed it.

There are a number of shops and restaurants within walking distance of the Hilton. The Mercado Artesanal is about 3 blocks from the rear of the Hilton; it's several rows of numerous vendor booths for souvenirs, T-shirts, clothing, jewelry, crafts, etc. I found the vendors to be very nice; they greeted us politely and quietly, and did not constantly hound us to buy anything. We used taxis to get to other places. The one-way fares were only $3-$5 (for the entire cab) for our trips to the Botanical Garden, the Teleferico (cable car tram ride to the mountaintop), and to the Old Town section.

I think the Hilton Colon is an excellent hotel. We stayed there on 3 separate single nights. As was true of all the places where we stayed, the hotel staff, coordinated with the Gate 1 Tour Manager, took care of all the group's luggage, transporting them from the bus to our rooms, and then prior to departure, picking up the luggage from outside our rooms and loading onto the bus. I loved all the other places where we stayed (Hacienda Cusin, Termas de Papallacta, Casa del Suizo, Hacienda Manteles, Finch Bay Hotel) because of their location and their special charm and ambience. But Hilton Colon probably was the highest quality due to it being a big-city hotel. Wifi access was dependable, whereas it was spotty in some of the other hotels. Their Café Colon is open 24/7 if you need a late-night meal.
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